So welcome to my new blog! πŸ™‚ If you didn’t already know, I actually have another blog,that is my main blog, where I post everything and anything I like on a ,not so, regular basis! So this blog is where I am planning to post all my polyvore sets and other fashion related stuff for the time being, it will only have my polyvore sets so I hope u enjoy and don’t forget to check out my main blog at Trish blogs


5 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hello new blogger! You can just consider me your virtual neighbor. I even brought a virtual welcome pie! To help you get started (and make sure you don`t feel dejected and quit after a few days) I have some quick ideas I`d like to share with you, if I may. 1: post frequently. I`m a bit of a newbie myself (4 months) but because I post everyday, I`ve gotten more followers more quickly. 2: post what you like. Share some outfits, and photos of them, and links to stores to buy the clothes. A basic post model has pictures (good job on this one!) and links to other blogs, your own posts to raise views, and other sites. 3: to get more followers, usually people just let them come as they will. But I think it`s faster to go to other`s posts, read them, and leave an intelligent comment about the post. Far less people comment than simply like, so you`ll stand out, and they`ll come to see your blog. But don`t ask that they visit! That would be rude. They almost automatically will return the visit, and maybe even the courtesy of commenting, but it is rude to directly ask that they do so. 4: Posting frequently can be hard, especially daily. You can make a lot of draft posts on a day you have some time, and schedule them to future days, so you can take the weekend off without lacking posts. I actually have posts scheduled a week ahead, just because it means I never stress if I get sick or something. Well, I hope you have fun blogging, and I`m excited to see where you will go!

    1. Thanks lots for these tips! I’m happy knowing there are others like me who are new to all this and that there are people like you that help so thank you lots and I wish you the best for your blog!

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